Booking Puppy Class

Places available Outdoor class on Alfreton Park starting Sunday January 6 at 10am. Fully Booked Indoor classes in Pinxton Miners Welfare starting Sunday January 6 at 3.15 and Wednesday January 30 at 6.45pm are fully booked unless I have any cancellations. Places available Indoors in Pinxton Miners Welfare to start […] Read more »

Booking Adult dog class

Adult dog classes for dogs 9 months plus, no upper age limit. Places available for an outdoor class on Alfreton Park at 11.15am Starting on Sunday January 6. Fully booked Sunday January 6, 4.30pm, indoor bronze/beginner class at Pinxton Miners Welfare. Places available for Wednesday January 30 indoor bronze/beginner class […] Read more »

Lynda & Dave Hewett

rosie - Lynda & Dave Hewett

Our Labrador, Rosie has been going to Judith’s K9 Fun Club since she was 6 months old. She was a typical Lab loveable, excitable, boisterous & at times uncontrollable, Rosie is now 2 years old and with Judith’s expert training she is still excitable but she is controllable. Rosie has […] Read more »

Jumping Up


The environment that a dog lives in creates its personality to some degree. Therefore dogs raised in busy house holds with lots of excitement, children or other animals to chase, where adults encourage the dog to jump up, knowingly or not, where play-fighting and rough and tumbles on the floor […] Read more »

House Training

Cute Puppy with a roll of Toilet Paper

Happy, healthy puppies and adult dogs do not generally have in appropriate toileting problems. Checklist Puppies and adult dogs of both sexes can suffer from kidney / bladder / urinary-tract infections which will most certainly affect the puppy/dog’s ability to have Jumping castles for sale good control over when and […] Read more »

Good Manners


Teaching good manners helps prevent over excitement, over attachment and separation anxiety, all of which can lead to aggression towards humans and dogs and or destructive behaviour including barking, howling and fowling. Prevention is better than the cure! Teach puppies/dogs to sit for everything Inflatables Canada before you interact with […] Read more »