Command Words

The command words for your dog are as important as your dog’s lead and collar. Without them you cannot control your dog.

Being consistent with command words and training is the key to a happy well-trained dog.

Do not use any ONE word for more than ONE meaning i.e. sit-down, lie-down, down when you mean off. Humans might know what it means but for dogs one word must have one meaning only!

We have a sample dog command word list in our downloads section which you may print out and use as a starting point. Put this list up on the wall where everyone can see it so everyone knows the dogs command words.

Please have a family meeting to discus the words you are going to use and fill in the spaces on your command word list. The words must suit everyone that comes into regular contact with your dog. Please do not change your words to mine if your dog responds well to the words you are currently using.