Katie Taylor

I met Judith when I was about 11. Although I knew her as the lady who had helped my mum & dad with their rescued German Shepherd 4 years earlier I didn’t really get to know her till I had my own first dog Tom. He was a rescued weimaraner with many problems but we coped well with Judith’s help until Toms death from a brain tumour. However in 2007 I managed to persuade my mum & dad to let me have a Great Dane. I called her Faith and she is perfect. Judith helped me a lot, showing me how to handle her properly, toys, treats and games we could play – we had lots of fun and I enjoyed training with my Aunty Judith very much. She never shouts, loves all the dogs and the amazing thing is what she says works – we call her Just the dog trainer but she’s a lot more than that. Its hard sometimes to feel at home when you don’t know anybody and feel the odd one out but in Judith’s classes that feeling soon passes and they are very welcoming. I made some brilliant mates through dog training and a dog who I think is just perfect.

Katie and Faith receiving their awardsIn 2008 I was very poorly and had to be in a wheelchair, but Judith helped me to train Faith to walk at the side of my wheelchair, and we taught her some tricks like saying her prayers, giving me a high 5 and crawling on her tummy. We even managed to get Faith and I through our bronze and silver Kennel Club Good Dog Citizen Awards. She is working towards her Gold award now – just for the fun of it.

Judith is SIMPLY THE BEST! (Even if she is only the dog trainer .x)

Katie Taylor.