Jeds Story

JedI also had the pleasure of owning Jed, a very handsome German Short Haired Pointer. He was born on December 28th 2007 and I fetched him at 8 weeks old. He very quickly become a very valuable member of my team, working alongside me all the time. Jed had a fabulous personality, one of those dogs that just do what you want from day one. You don’t feel like you need to train them, they just do everything you ask of them.

Jed was loved by everyone that met him. He helped train lots of other dogs and was excellent in puppy classes. He achieved his bronze and silver GCDS awards, won lots of Retrieving competitions and won 1st place in the novice section at the Sandringham Finals in 2009.

Sadly after a long illness, Jed lost his fight against a severe digesting tract illness and a large tumour in his stomach on February 14th 2012. I miss him lots and always will, I am very proud to have owned such a wonderful dog. Jed!

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