About the K9 Fun Club

K9 fun club was set up to provide a fun affordable environment for pet-dog owner to develop confident skill to train their puppies and dogs. I use well trusted reward based methods to train puppies and dogs. The aim of my classes is to help owners to own puppies and dogs that are well mannered sociable members of the canine and human society that they live in.

I run a range of classes in the Alfreton and Pinxton area, having both outdoor and indoor venues, plus a secure field for one to one sessions or anyone struggling  with recall problems.

I run puppy school classes that puppies can attend as soon as they are fully vaccinated, no waiting. Puppy class provides an environment for owners to have fun do some basic training and talk to other puppy owners as well as the puppies interacting with other puppies. You will be able to talk to me about your concerns, a problem shared is a problem solved!!! Attending as soon as your puppy is old enough helps prevent any unwanted behaviors becoming a bad habit!!!

I run all levels of the Kennel Club Good Dog Citizen Scheme awards and take great pleasure in training dogs to these levels, however for those who do not enjoy taking awards your dog will still be trained to the same level.

All puppies and dogs  including rescues of all ages are welcome to come along to class. I look forward to meeting all new members and their puppies and dogs.

I hope you will browse the rest of the web site, you will find some tips to help with the more common problems plus details of venues, days and time of classes. Please don’t hesitate to contact if you need help.

Best Wishes Judith


‘The Team’ – Past and Present

1st Team

I started training dogs with my first dog Meg, a tri-coloured farm breed Collie 30 years ago. I then had a Yorkshire Terrier, Rosie, and a farm breed Jack Russel, Tess for my children to work, train and enjoy.

We enjoyed lots of holidays and walks in the mountains of Wales near Snowden. We also raised a litter of puppies from Meg.

2nd Team

As the children grew up I took on team two, and moved onto gun dogs. This is when Misty, a Weimarner, arrived in 1996 as a 11 week old puppy.

Misty was a wondeful dog to train, competing successfully at agility and gun dog retrieving competitions. She also achieved Kennel Club Gold and worked as a working gun dog.

1 year later Lucy, a Labrador cross, was rehomed to me from the RSPCA. Lucy arrived with lots of baggage as rescue dogs do. I did Lucy’s beginner training then my daughter Amie took to Lucy and had lots of fun with her.

Next to arrive was Jasmine, a German Short-haired Pointer, owned by Amie. They did very well at agility qualifying for the finals held at Discovering Dogs, Earls Court, London, and the Horse of the Year Show Olympia, held in London, and Crufts held at the NEC Birmingham.

Then came my German Short-Haired Pointer, Breeze. Breeze was re-homed to me at six months old. She was rather out of control. Breeze went on to compete in Gun Dog Retrieving competitions and was awarded KCGDC’s Gold.

Sadly Breeze, Jasmine and Misty all died of cancer aged 4, 7 and 11 years, within 15 months of each other between 2006 and 2007. Lucy has now also joined her friends. She died of old age at 16 in November 2012.

3rd Team

Guy - Weimaraner Born March 30th 2005

Guy – Weimaraner
Born March 30th 2005

Henry - Working Labrador Born April 14th 2005

Henry – Working Labrador
Born April 14th 2005

Max - Working Cocker Spaniel Born August 30th 2005

Max – Working Cocker Spaniel
Born August 30th 2005

Fizz - Working Labrador Born April 2nd 2011

Fizz – Working Labrador
Born April 2nd 2011

Guy came to me as an 8 week old puppy. Henry and Max came to me at about 1 year old because their owners found them difficult to handle. Fizz was bred by my Husband and has always lived with me.

This team all work as working gundogs and compete in retrieving competitions. Guy, Henry and Max have all achieved Bronze, Silver and Gold on the Kennel Club GCDS awards. Fizz has Bronze and Silver so far.

Sadly after being ill for about a year I had to say goodbye to Guy on the 24/08/16.

Henry took suddenly ill on 3/12/16 and I had to say goodbye to him as well.

All of this team have won lots of Gundog Scurries (retrieving competitions). Henry competed in the finals at Sandringham in September 2010 and got 2nd overall place at the open level.

Amie, my daughter, now owns a Weimaraner named Allie and Jeds sister Tillie. Amie also trains her partners English Springer Spaniel – Sammy

Team 4

Its time to introduce team 4

Max is still with me but as now fully retired due ill health, he is now 13 but not a member of the working team.
Update for Max
Sadly I said goodbye to Max on March 7th 2019. Max had a very good life always a very busy little dog full of life. Over the passed few months Max had lost his vest for life, he had become very confused and at times very distressed, his back legs didn’t work properly any more, his sight was poor and he didn’t know were noise was coming from. After a long chat with the vet it was decided that the kindest thing to do for Max was to say goodbye and let him rest in peace. His ashes will be scattered along side his best mates Guy, Henry and Jed in a beautiful field were they all used to run and play.

Fizz is now the senior member a very laid back dog who helps puppies to settle.

Winnie is 2nd in the team. Winnie as passed the kennel club Good citizen dog scheme Bronze Silver and Gold. Winnie as also been a mum to 9 lovely German Shorthaired Pointer puppies born on September 1 2017.



Roxi is Fizzi’s niece born on 8/6/16 and joined me as an 8 week old puppy. She is a fox red Labrador, very loving and quiet. Roxi as passed her Bronze Silver and Gold. She needs more training at gun dog retrieving as she always manages to drop the retrieve.

Connie is the latest member to join the team, she is Winnie’s daughter born 1/9/18. Connie was the puppy in the litter that we didn’t expect to survive but against all odds she is still here! Connie hasn’t yet taken any awards so watch this space!
Connie Update
Connie achieved her kennel club Good Citizen Dog Bronze award on 14/07/18 and Silver on 28/0718. We are now working towards Gold hopefully taking the assessment in April 2019.
Connie also attends a training class based on competitive obedience for fun, she really enjoys training and meeting everyone but really is the class comedian doing every exercise “FUN LOVING CONNIE STYLE”

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