Club Rules

  1. It is the owners/handlers responsibility to make sure that their dog is on a safe collar and lead at all times (unless asked to remove it) and under control. Please make sure that you have an identity disc on your dogs collar.
  2. Everyone MUST clean up after his or her own dog. Anyone found not cleaning up after their own dog will be excluded from class. If you have not got a bag please ask, I have always got some. Allow your dog time to go to the toilet before class.
  3. All puppies/dogs attending class must be regularly checked for fleas, worms and had their puppy vaccinations
  4. No bitches in season/heat please!
  5. Please do not bring dogs to class if they are not well, ie. sickness and diarrhoea, coughing etc
  6. Respect other people’s dogs at all times. Do not approach anyone else’s dog or allow your dog to go up to another dog unless the owner/handler of the other dog has first said that it is all right to do.
  7. Strictly NO feeding of tidbits to anyone else’s dog at any time before, during or after class. Lots of dogs today have food allergies and it can be a nightmare when you do not know what has made your dog ill again.
  8. No one attending the class may hit, kick or otherwise distress their own dog or any other dog or person.
  9. I advice against the use of of choke/check or chain link collars of any type This type of collar is not allowed in my classes. Webbing or leather half check and flat collars are permitted.
  10. You may use head collars and body harnesses, leads need be at least 36 inches long and you may use training leads, flexi leads are best used to exercise your dog and not practical for class.
  11. Please bring tidbits (use pea sized pieces of cheese, well cooked sausage, chicken, baked liver etc), a toy, a retrieve toy (advanced class) and a long line for recalls every week for your dog. We may not use them every week, but if required, they are of no use at home. Water and a bowl for hot days.
  12. Please be sensible about the clothing that you wear, no high-healed shoes/boots/sandals or long flowing skirts. Trousers, close fitting jumpers/sweatshirts/coats and flat shoes/trainers are best. Walking boots/Wellingtons for wet weather.
  13. Please park cars in a safe and sensible place.
  14. I reserve the right to exclude anyone from class that proves unsuitable in whatever way for this type of training.

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